Machine Learning expert in financial markets for Neotic

Machine Learning expert in financial markets for Neotic

by speed · May 31, 2017 · in Jobs

Neotic (currently has a new opening for a machine learning programmer. The new recruit will work in a small team of 3 programmers on implementing machine learning tools for financial data analysis. We already have an “in house” product – most of the coding will be on optimization of existing algos.

Neotic is a fast growing startup set to become a world leader in building AI tools for stock markets analysis. Our data cover historical stock prices, key events, corporate fundamentals and financial news.

  • Position: Machine Learning expert in financial markets
  • Job Description:
    • Implementing new ML algos
    • Communicating with stock traders
    • Providing full documentation
    • Reporting weekly on work progress
  • Required Skills:
    • Excellent English skills
    • Perfect mastering of Linux, Python, Databases (we use Postgres but it could be any SQL)
    • Good general understanding of ML libraries
    • High baccalaureate and university grades in mathematics (no specific academic background, can be self-taught)
    • Good sense of discipline and self-learning (work hours 8 am to 5 pm including 1 hour pause, no social media are allowed at the company)
  • Hiring procedure:
    • Starting with 3 Months probation period in order to see your creative and relational abilities. At the end of the probation period a job may be offered if outstanding practical skills are shown.
    • Interested candidates can send a cover letter in English (minimum 10 lines to explain their motivation for this job and the connection between their skills and our requirements) in addition to a CV (preferably infographic) to (CC:
  • Salary:
    • 8 to 16 k USD annual depending on your skills and previous experience.
    • A stock options plan will be conceived in order for you to acquire more shares in the company the more performance you show (you ll become owner of a certain percentage in the company).
    • Transportation fees and small pocket money will be provided during the probation period.