Legal Advice For Founders Starting Up In Lebanon

Legal Advice For Founders Starting Up In Lebanon

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Our friends at Tohme Law Firm have compiled information that every founder looking to start his or her company in Lebanon should be aware of. From company structures and contracts to tax obligations and intellectual prorperty, read all about it below!

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1.Your business structure

Define your company’s legal structure from the beginning and cover your entire legal base, be it with incorporation, foundational agreements, or preparation for financing rounds and intellectual property protection.

This comparative table shows you the different types of commercial companies in Lebanon.

Unlimited Partnership Limited Liability Company (SARL) Joint Stock Company (SAL) Holding Company incorporated in the form of a joint stock company Offshore Company incorporated in the form of a joint stock company
Type of Company Association of  Persons Association of Funds Association of Funds Association of Funds Association of Funds
Minimum Number of Partners or Shareholders 2 Partners Between 3-20 Partners 3 Shareholders 3 Shareholders 3 Shareholders
Minimum Capital No Minimum Capital 5 000 000 LBP 30 000 000 LBP 30 000 000 LBP 30 000 000 LBP


Holding companies are Joint Stock Companies with a limited legal object mainly owning shares in other companies, managing and giving loans to other companies in which it owns shares, patents, trademarks and properties dedicated to its activity.

Offshore companies are Joint Stock Companies that can only have activities outside the Lebanese territory. They also have a limited object related to commercial operations, managing companies, owning stocks and shares in foreign companies and giving them limited loans, building, investing and managing economic projects and owning or leasing offices in Lebanon for the purposes of its activity.


TLF Notes:

  • The registration process is an easy process and the estimated time to complete the registration shouldn’t exceed 10 to 15 days as of signature of all relevant documents.
  • Make sure you are aware of all annual expenses (legal fees, main and additional auditor’s fees, etc...) that your company has to pay before taking your decision.


2.Your contracts/agreements

Contracts/Agreements are absolutely an essential requirement for any dealing involving your startup/company such as but not limited to contracts with your employees (employment agreement), your service providers (consultancy or services agreement), your investors and partners (shareholders agreement).


TLF Note:

  • A well-drafted contract can save you a lot of trouble in the future! Make sure that your contracts are the reflection of your functional and business requirements, and that they are approved by your legal expert!


3.Your tax obligations

You want to avoid any trouble with the tax authorities in Lebanon, so make sure you know in advance what and how much tax you’ll be obligated to pay, within your structure.

Income Tax:

  • For limited liabilities and joint stock companies (SARL, SAL) and branches: 15%. It is classically accompanied by a tax of 10% on distribution of dividends (if distribution occurs);
  • For offshore and holding companies: Lump sum annual of 1.000.000 LBP;
  • For sole proprietorship. Partnership: from 4% to 21%.

Tax on capital gains:

  • The tax is in general 10% save some particular exceptions.


TLF Note:

  • Tax inspectors take violations of the tax code seriously, and violators are pursued with vigor. Refer to your lawyer/tax advisor to explore tax law provisions.


4.Your intellectual property (IP) protection

Your IP can be protected under rights such as:

  • Patents for inventions and plant varieties, a sui generis protection for layout designs of integrated circuits and for undisclosed information.
  • Trademarks of Commercial, Industrial, Literary, Artistic and Musical Property in Lebanon.
  • Copyrights available to literary and artistic works and computer software, video films, and all kind of audio-visual works.
  • Industrial design (ornamental or aesthetic aspect of an article).


TLF Note:

  • Intellectual property describes “creations of the mind” that can be legally owned. Verify the existing protection for your IP and make sure you obtain a protection adapted to your situation.


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